About Us

The Station


Broadcasting live from the heart of Hillbrow Johannesburg, Hillbrow radio is one of South Africas biggest online radio station with a wide variety of listenership worldwide. Founded by Peter Magakwe and Bright Longwe (co founder), the station has rapidly grown over the years. “We truly believe that radio can really be for everyone, no exception. Hillbrow Radio is radio made for the community, by the community – pure and simple.”

Local people steer everything we do, and are involved in every possible role at the station; from technical support & audio production to scheduling & programming and everything in between. The vast majority of presenters are from right here and for many, Hillbrow Radio is their first real taste of online broadcasting. Radio is an amazing medium to help people learn new skills, gain experience and confidence, build social connections and above all it’s great fun!

Code of Conduct

We welcome all your feedback, comments and questions but we ask that you adhere to our guidelines in order to keep this radio station fun, helpful and respectful to all. To keep a healthy, respectful community, we reserve the right to ban users who contravene our policy and remove content posted to Facebook as deemed necessary including:

– Discriminatory content that includes, but is not exclusive to race, religion, gender and political beliefs.
– Offensive language and material including profanity, hate speech, vulgarity and defamation.
– Fraudulent, deceptive or misleading posts and comments.
– Uploading links or files that may damage users’ computers or cause privacy breaches
– Slanderous comments towards Hillbrow  Radio or it’s employees.
– Any form of self-promotion (or back linking to personal sites/brand sites)